Tracking blog conversations easily?

Today I signed up for a Cocomment account in the hope that it would help me keep track of all the comments that I leave on other people’s blogs.

That was, of course, before I knew that I would have to install a bookmarklet in my browser, which I would have to click every time I enter a comment. That seems like a little bit too much hassle. I already have bookmarks for favorites and

There is a plugin which will apparently do it automatically, if you use Firefox, but I am currently using Flock, and don’t really want to switch.

Is there any other service out there for tracking your comments that just does it automatically? Maybe co.mments will do the job (see the TechCrunch post), but it looks like co.mments still requires some sort of bookmarking process. Hrm. I’ll wait for something a little more seamless.

In other news, you know a service is built by and for geeks when it calls a bunch of letters a “string.”

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