CoComment: tracking conversations

I’ve been using CoComment lately to track my blogosphere conversations.

The service is great – I always used to find myself wondering what blog writers would think of my comments, and if they would respond. And of course, I would never remember where I had left my digital breadcrumbs, and so was destined for disappointment.

But now all my conversations are tracked via the Firefox err Flock extension … and I can simple check my conversations in one consolidated, simple view.

There is one problem, however, and one addition I’d like to see.

One problem
The problem occurred when I had CoComment installed both on my own blog (running WordPress) and in my browser. The result: the comment would get submitted to CoComment, but not to my site … meaning that I could not comment on posts on my own blog. I had to disable the WordPress plugin so that comments would submit and be saved.

One feature request
A very cool feature would be the ability to allow your conversations to be publicly visible. Currently, if you have an account, your conversations look like this:

It’d be a very nice feature to make that publicly available at some simple URL determined by your username … something like

Then people would be able to see sites that you’re visiting and sites that you care enough about to actually comment on … which I think would be a very interesting indicator to know about someone, and would help people find blogs relevant to their interests.

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