Cloned lab meat

I swear I have been talking about this for ages. Not continuously, mind you, but off and on. It’s an idea that makes so much sense.

It’s wasteful, messy, costly, and most importantly, cruel, to kill millions upon millions of animals each and every day to feed our dinner plates … if we can figure out an alternative.

And I’ve been thinking for some time now there is a different possibility: cloned and artificially cultured meat.

It’d be safe – grown in controlled conditions. It’d be environmentally friendly – requiring far fewer resources, with less space, and fewer unwanted byproducts, than ordinary meat. It’d be more ethically desirable – actual animals need not die.

In short, it’s a much more sustainable way to feed hungry human mouths.

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  • While I’m not sure of the ethics of artificially producing meat, I am quite sure that there’s nothing unethical about killing a cow and enjoying a good steak. One also wonders about all the unintended side-effects that this kind of thing might have once it’s wide spread…

  • Agree, Dave. I love steak myself.

    I just have to say though, if I could get my steak without having to kill a cow, I think it’d be a lot better.