Chilliwack Blue Heron Wetlands

Teresa and I took the kids to the Chilliwack Blue Heron Wetlands yesterday, which being Good Friday (the day Christ was crucified) is a holiday in Canada.

The nature reserve is about 20 minutes from our home in Abbotsford, and it was well worth the drive. Here’s some pics of the festivities …

This gives you an overview of the general setting:

chilliwack heron preserve

There are lots of paths through the swamp, with lots of bridges over little creeks. I snapped a shot of our reflected visages while on one of the bridges:

seeing ourselves seeing ourselves

The kids loved the numerous logs strewn over creeks and ponds, and only one kid got one shoe wet the whole day!

kids on logs over water

While crossing one of the afore-mentioned bridges, I noticed the pool of water underneath was very still, and captured this image of clouds reflected in the water:

My main man and me, making my wife nervous:

aidan and daddy on a stump in the creek

Another nice snap of part of the reserve’s waterways: