Aidan Update

As I previously mentioned, Aidan cut his head open on our fireplace hearth just a few days ago.

How’s he doing now? I thought I’d post a photo of him two days after the accident …

Aidan 2 days after the accident

Still happy, still crazy, still doing insane stuff. In other words, the same old incorrigible loveable kid.

That’s 9 stitches in his forehead … scheduled to come out on Sunday (tomorrow). Apparently, if they stay in longer than 5 days, the “traintrack look” is likely to become a permanent feature of his face.

And yeah, that’s the offending fireplace behind him. We’ll need to change it somehow, get rid of the sharp corners. It feels like locking the barn door after the horses are gone, but we’d really never forgive ourselves if it would happen again. For now, two big ugly pillows have taken up centre stage in our living room, protecting all and sundry from the sharp corners of the hearth.