Chief Growth Officers: A Rorschach Test For The Future of Marketing

Remember Rorschach blots?

They’re abstract ink blots that psychologists used in the 1960s to examine people’s subconscious thoughts, emotions, and biases. Do you see an angel or a demon? Is it a dolphin or a shark? Is your martech setup a stack or a blob?

(Don’t answer that last one!)

In some ways, the chief growth officer (CGO) role represents a Rorschach blot for how you see the future of marketing. Is it about technology or people? Is it about big data or big ideas? Is marketing an all-encompassing function that includes sales, customer experience, support, and more, or is it what happens before someone buys?

At Singular we recently surveyed 700 companies to learn more about the species of marketer labeled “CGO” and what impact they are making.

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