Changing one setting tripled my iPad’s battery life

Photo by Daniel Korpai on Unsplash

For a while I was pretty sure that either I had a iPad Pro that was a lemon, or Apple had massively deprioritized battery life for simple things like surfing the web and browsing Reddit. Actually, it turned out to be much simpler. And annoying.

From my story on Forbes:

Until recently I was pretty sure that I had received a bad iPad Pro from Apple. I’d charge the iPad once or twice a week, but since I only really use the device for browsing news and Reddit — perhaps three to four hours a week — I was always disappointed in the battery life.

Until I turned off Find My.

Apple’s Find My network is one of the company’s largest ecosystems. Along with iMessage for texting and the App Store for apps, Find My is a billion-plus-device ecosystem that is constantly in operation pinging Apple’s servers and saying hi. Devices on the Find My network include iPhones and iPads, of course, but also Macs, and pretty much anything that anyone has put an AirTag on.

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