Butchers butchers butchers

OK. Enough.

They’re not insurgents anymore. They’re not rebels. They’re not freedom fighters. They’re not even terrorists. They’re not that good. They are butchers. Butchers. Butchers.

The blood of children is on their hands. Women are their victims. Men strolling on the street are their targets.

They have gone beyond the pale. They are no longer worthy of the term human.

This isn’t about the Iraq war right or wrong. If it means anything, I don’t think the war was a great idea in the first place, and the rationale for it was flawed from the outset. That said, once started, it held some potential for letting tinpot dictatorships know that they can’t act with impunity anymore.

But nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing justifies this wholesale slaughter … by people who supposedly believe in the same religion as their victims. By people who are mostly the countrymen of their victims.

May God have mercy on their souls, because most men won’t.