A day at Stanley Park

Last week Saturday Teresa and I went to Stanley Park in downtown Vancouver with the kids and just chilled all day.

When we felt like moving on, we moved on. When we felt like stopping, we stopped. It was one of the last great beautiful days of the summer of 2005.

The kids found their way onto a temporary tidal island:

stranded on an island

We lounged a little on some of the sculptures near Stanley Park:

Teresa saw some amazing flowers for this late in the season:

flowers at stanley park

Ethan and Gabrielle found this dragonfly, who consented to be both photographed (multiple times) and touched (twice):

dragonfly close up

We spent probably an hour at a tiny portion of Third Beach (yes, it’s named that because it’s the third beach as you’re walking around Stanley Park) …

waves at stanley park\'s third beach

All kids love the beach, and Aidan is no exception:

aidan at third beach

Neither is Ethan:

ethan at third beach

Teresa made her mark in the world:

third beach

And we all had a wonderful day!