Busted by Facebook

This is a getting to be a more and more common story …

My wife just came back from her work, where a co-worker who was off “sick” was busted for actually spending the week in Cancun. Naturally, it was discovered because she was posting on Facebook the entire time. Now as a result of her duplicity, she’s out of a job.

Somehow people still seem to think that they can separate various facets of their lives. What we’re actually seeing, for good or ill, is that work/life/career/leisure and everything else is getting mixed up in one big bowl. And, courtesy of Google, data that is somewhere … quickly becomes data that is everywhere.

You would think by now people would start to have realized this …

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  • She could have used facebook as a way of convincing everyone that she is actually sick, although the truth would have come out anyway. Somebody else could have uploaded pictures of her and tag her.

    Is social web forcing us to be more honest in general?

    Do you see the advent of new hobbies and resorts where people get to hide their identity or live a different life for a few days, so we can take a break from the everyday information openness?