Brands are results, not causes

Here’s a response I posted this morning on a Seeking Alpha story on Apple’s brand that seemed to imply it was all about marketing:

“All Day Breakfast” hit the nail on the head.

What people who don’t really understand branding don’t understand is that the best branding, the longest-lived branding, and the most financially remunerative branding is branding that is a result, not a cause.

The brand is authentic because it first arises from actual value and actual experience.

Brands that are invented via marketing alone are typically short-lived, expensive, and doomed to crash and burn. The product and the client experience need to be what the branding says in order to generate long-term value.

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  • I have to say I agree. In order to build something, you have to have a good ground. [what was that biblical passage? Building over sand?]

    It is so hard when we get a client with a product without any added value… when they follow the law of minimum risk and have no innovation in their minds.

    Good brands inspire us and great ideas go through our minds right at the brief.

    Like I read in a Martin Neumeier book, there are companies that sell what they produce, companies that produce what sells and some rare others that sell what they brand. [The Brand Gap]

    Hi there, John. By the way, I am going to San Francisco next weekend and I am finally getting that iPhone to hack in Mexico… right before they release the better one… oh well… 😛