Blogroll, not blogdrool

Maybe I’m just old-fashioned. Or else maybe I don’t suck up well.

Either way, I hate the kind of blogroll that is stuffed with A-lister links. Yeah, I love Seth, and Scoble, and a bunch of other blogs. And when I really like something, I’ll probably save it to my delicious or even write a post on it.

But my blogroll is for people I know. People I like. People that I’m friends or acquaintances with. That’s probably different than for most bloggers, and that’s OK.

Seth and Scoble and Guy and Engadget and Gizmodo etc. etc. have enough links already. I’ll give mine to people I actually know.

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  • Back when I did that sorta thing (blogroll), I loved linkin’ up my peeps. It’s just that, well, I don’t have any peeps I keep up with anymore. That, or I can’t stands ’em.

    Now I’m full–on linking–if–you–like–it. That’s actually more of an expression that you appreciate what they’re doing on the interwebs. The only people that click blogrolls are 1. spammers and 2. people who don’t know you.

    I should also point out, I don’t know anybody in real life that blogs. The luddites I know think MySpace is the height of blogging. I seriously need better friends.

  • I know exactly how you feel! I was putting the list together last night (one of the last things I’ve finished on this new blog skin) and was wondering … who am I missing?

    Can it really be this short? Don’t I know anyone else who blogs?


  • Another good argument against blogrolling, is that you have to keep up with whether or not the sites you list stay current or active. 3 of the 5 people you link haven’t updated their listed sites since September, August, and even February 07.