Blocking spam in WordPress is a royal PITA

I just upgraded my install of WordPress to 2.0, which is really, really, cool, and I’m typing this in the new, enhanced, updated, fantabulastic WYSIWYG web 2.0 buzzword-compliant text entry area, but there was one painful aspect to the upgrade.

One of the main reasons I upgraded is that WP 2.0 includes an Akismet plugin which will help eliminate the raft of comment spam that all bloggers have to deal with.

So what’s the problem?

Well, in order to activate the plugin, you have to have a WordPress API Key. And, in order to get one of those, you must, yes must, have a account. That’s a point that this FAQ seems to have missed. is the multi-user version of WordPress … one install for thousands of bloggers. Sort of like blogger or typepad, but better. And free, I might add.

However, since I run my blog on my own server, I have no need of a account. However, since I need an WordPress API key to activate my Askismet anti-comment spam plug-in, now has a new (and never to be used) blog called Bleegers. With one (and just one) nonsense article on it.

Such, Matt, are the consequences of run-arounds. Unless I’m just missing something.

But I don’t think I am.


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  • Sorry, it’s necessary with the way we’re integrating the systems in the future. I think you’ll find the account is useful for quite a few things in the future.