Bing & Yahoo send less traffic in a month than Google in a day

I know Bing is getting better and better at search. I know they’re even increasing their market share, and not just because they’re also driving Yahoo! search results now.

Frankly, more power to them – competition in any space drives improvements for all of us. So I hope they continue to push Google and both companies get better at finding and organizing information.

But this is really weird. You’d think that if Bing drives about 30% of the searches on the internet, I would see some traffic here at Sparkplug 9 from them. Or from Yahoo. You’d think wrong:

See that big blue chunk of the pie? The 96.91%? Yup, that’s Google’s share of search-engine-driven traffic to this site. It’s not all traffic – I get a ton of traffic from StumbleUpon and other sites. But traffic from search engines is a big chunk of my traffic … and almost all of it is straight from Google.

Perhaps it’s audience – my topics are not interesting to the typical Bing or Yahoo user? That’s possible. But so much less interesting? Kinda hard to believe.

In any case, Bing and Yahoo! send less traffic to my blog in a month than Google in a day.



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  • FWIW, I never use Google for anything. They have become like Microsoft, arrogant and totally unresponsive to user concerns.

    They locked down a gmail account I had, never gave a reason, never even acknowledged me request for why they did it, and never responded in any way. I politely told them to cancel all of my Google accounts and have never used them again. They also never responded to that or canceled my accounts. I had to do it all myself. Obviously, they simply do not care.

    From “Don’t be evil” Google has become evil personified.

    I also block all Google cookies, search trackers and anything Google is blocked as well as I can.

    I’ve been using Bing, Yahoo, and others with results at least as good as Google. Google, notice the mistletoe on my shirt tail.