Beautifully perfectly empty desktop

For the first time in perhaps 3 years, my desktop is beautifully, perfectly, empty – a wonderful tabula rasa on which I can create Anything I Want™.


I’m a bit of a freak about computer desktop neatness (which is not the same as saying I’m good at keeping my desktop clean).

It gives me a mini heart attack when I see colleagues with 15, 25, even 75 icons scattered over their desktop like dominoes that have already been knocked down. Some people have no desktop at all … just documents and applications and servers and connected disks and CDs wallpapering their computerized window on the world.

It’s almost a GTD thing for me: items on my desktop are things that need to be done, work that is calling my name, tasks that have not been completed. An empty desktop, then, is a symbol of a successful day, a caught-up workload, a mastered schedule.

The peace. The serenity.

Soon to be shattered, of course, by the relentless stampede of barbarian TO-DOs through the narrow funnel of my traitorous email in-box.

Ah well. Even a moment’s peace is valuable. Refreshed, I am ready to return to battle.

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