Aww shucks … I’m a ‘top 10 martech blogger’ for 2019

Recognition is always nice.

And while I’m under no illusions that any of these “top 10 X of Y” posts are necessarily scientific or 100% accurate, it’s kinda cool to be on one. Marketing automation software vendor LeadMi just published a list of the top 10 marketing technology bloggers of 2019 … and apparently I’m number 6.

Here’s the list:

  1. Neil Patel
  2. Scott Brinker
  3. Rena Gadimova
  4. David Raab
  5. Douglas Karr
  6. John Koetsier
  7. Robert Rose
  8. Sophia Bernazzani
  9. Kristin Tynski
  10. Justin Pot

And here what they said about me:

John Koetsier is Singular’s VP of Insights and has written multiple blogs to optimize the value of new marketing technologies and identifying the reality of marketing detriments which can impact marketing strategies extensively. His blogs resonate the typical thinking of a marketer and how it has to be challenged to accept all the new significant events happening in the industry to improve marketing communication.

My thoughts:

I actually write a lot about consumer electronics and fourth industrial revolution topics (AI, robots, automation, etc.), but I still do quite a bit of writing (and podcasting) about marketing technology and adtech.

So it’s kinda cool.

It’s also neat to be on the list with Scott Brinker, who is the CHIEF marketing technologist, David Raab, who’s pioneered a lot of the field, and Douglas Karr. I know all three of them personally, and they’re wonderful people as well as smart marketing technologists.

Congrats to all on the list!