Apple’s Sept. 5 iPod Announcement: iPod, iPhone, iPDA, iComputer, iMobile Computing

Apple’s scheduled a Steptember 5th special event: “the beat goes on.”It’s obviously about iPods. My guess is that Apple’s now ready to take the next step. More to the point, the marketplace is finally ready for Apple to release the next evolution in iPod: mobile computing.You already see it in iPhone. And we know that OS X is underpinning future iPods.iPods have been carrying our calendars and notes for years. But it’s always been the sideshow, the off-off-Broadway down-the-lane-to-the-left non-attraction.I think the new iPods are going to take a huge leap in functionality. iPhone’s seamless reading of PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, and more will be part of the iPod experience.It’ll still be the entertainment hub – music, movies, podcasts – that it is. But it’s going to take the next step to a mobile computing platform that includes some of what we currently think of as “business” functionality and some of what we think of as “consumer” functionality – especially games.It would not shock me if concurrent with this unveiling of the new iPod we have an “iSDK,” a software development kit for iPhone and iPod.You read it hear first.


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  • An iPod in the form of an iPhone with wireless capability would be a real plus, especially in the education market.

  • I am glad Apple didn’t pack applications onto the iPod as you predicted. I am enemy of featuritis and convergence. I don’t want my music player to have features that questions its essence.

    Calendar display, contact display, mini-games, etc are like “widgets” to an iPod. It doesn’t stop being a music player. But going into Word, Excel, PowerPoint would be a sad step for the brand and a very bad decision, from my point of view.

    I am one of the few that thinks that “no email” in iPod Touch was actually a good decision.