Apple’s Mac shipments plummeted 40.5% last quarter, more than any other major PC maker

Last quarter was not good for Apple. Not good at all.

From my post today at Forbes:

Overall global shipments of PCs were down 29% in the first of 2023, but not all manufacturers were hit as hard. Apple’s Mac shipments were almost cut in half, down 40.5% from 6.9 million computers in the first quarter of 2022 to just 4.1 million in 2023 so far.

Some of the reasons?

The massive drop in sales correlates with multiple factors, including a post-Covid reversal of work-from-home policies, a general malaise in the economy, and a significant increase in layoffs from both big and small tech companies that has now hit 223,662 people according to TrueUp’s tech layoff tracker: almost as many as 2022’s full-year total of 243,318 in just a quarter of the time.

Check out all the details, as well as how much the other major global PC manufacturers lost, in the full post at Forbes