Apple CEO Tim Cook goes viral in China, gives advice about life, work, purpose

apple Tim book Bilibili

Apple CEO Tim Cook appeared on a 22 year old Chinese engineering student’s Bilibili video, generating almost six million views on that video-sharing platform, and over 220 million mentions on the more popular Weibo social platform.

“I really believe that 2020 was our top year of innovation ever, between the phones and the Watch and the iPads, and M1,” Tim Cook told He Tongxue. “There’s no one formula for innovation, but what we do is we have a culture of creativity and a culture of collaboration. And these two things together, when they intersect, create enormous innovation.”

Cook said that many of Apple’s iPhone features were inspired by China, including the QR mode in the camera, Night Mode, specific keyboard that work better in China, and Junction View in Apple Maps, due to China’s sometimes-complicated intersections.

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