Alternatives, Inc.

I think I just saw one of the worst company names in history. OK, after ACME.

A truck passed me today on my usual lunch hour walk. On the side, in hand-lettered type, was the name of the company: Alternative Cartage, Inc.

I can just imagine how this plays in marketing.

“Um, yes, we’re Alternative Cartage Inc., and we do want your business, sir. The one thing I can tell you about us is that we’re definitely different than the other guys. See, they’re them and we’re us. We’re an alternative.”

Not the best alternative, not the only alternative, not even a better alternative, but I guess, yes, they are an alternative, just like everyone else.

I do give this business owner a modicum of credit, however. At least he didn’t name it Agressive Trucking along with the other 20 bozos who had that bright idea.

Or maybe he saw them in the Yellow Pages and figured that being #21 was worse than having an even lousier business name.

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  • Actually, I’ve always been grateful that such things manage to get past the filters so we can enjoy them! And I love the “smacme” photo!

    Kentucky Fried Chicken did the same thing when they named a new dish “Famous bowls”. Kinda makes the word “famous” pretty useless.

    There should be a collection of “names that seemed like a good idea at the time” somewhere…