Alma Powell @ ASCD

A week ago or so I had the privilege of hearing Alama Powell speak at the ASCD conference in New Orleans.

She leads the America’s Promise Alliance, which is built on the research-supported premise that 5 things in kids lives make the difference between successful transition to adulthood, and various forms of failure. Those 5 things are:

  • Caring adults
  • Safe places
  • A healthy start
  • Effective education
  • Opportunities to help others

She listed some startling statistics:

  • there are 7000 kids dropping out of school each day in the US
  • there are 9 million kids without health insurance
  • kids who lack 3 of the 5 promises have twice the poverty rate and 8 times the incarceration rate versus kids who have all 5

She was a great speaker, and is a passionate woman – it was very enjoyable to hear her. She also happens to be the wife of Colin Powell

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  • hey John,
    Thanks for posting on your ASCD Annual Con. experiences. We blogged the con, over at ASCD’s blog Inservice, and Alma Powell’s presentation caused quite a discussion–thought you might be interested–here’s the link.