Livestream: Influencer marketing event in LA

Influencer marketing is HOT.

It’s a $2B industry today globally, growing into either $5 billion or $10 billion, depending on who you believe, over the next three years. Yesterday I hosted an influencer marketing event with top marketers from Fox, CBS, and other major brands in Los Angeles at a TUNE event.

On the panel:

They were all amazing, and here’s a video of the event, which TUNE livestreamed on Facebook.

Why is influencer marketing so hot?

It just might have something to do with adblocking … 615M devices globally have adblockers installed, which is 11% of the global online population. Even worse, about 90% of us are adblind. We see so many ads we skip over them automatically.

Influencer marketing is modern word of mouth marketing, from trusted sources with existing engaged audiences … therefore theoretically guaranteeing exposure.