9 steps to make SKAN predictive (and yes, it’s possible)

ios 14 skadnetwork skan idfa

Apple’s SKAN framework has been a key part of mobile growth professional’s daily working life for eight months now. But 90% of mobile marketers still struggle to make it useful, to make it helpful, to make it as good as the good old days of IDFA.

In short, to make SKAN predictive.

Apparently, it is possible.

In fact, sophisticated marketers are finding ways to make SKAdNetwork as good as IDFA in terms of predictive power. That might sound insane to those who are still struggling to make it work at all, but it’s something that Singular CTO Eran Friedman has personally witnessed and in fact helped brands achieve.

If IDFA was a 10 for predictive capacity, I asked him, what’s SKAN?

Watch our chat here, or get the full story with all 9 steps in my post at Singular’s website …