80% of the market is conservative

I popped into the local Toyota dealership a couple of days ago …

I’m looking for a car, and since our company is going through a lean transformation (essentially, we trying to grow a culture based on the Toyota Production System) I thought I’d check out the products of that process.

Unfortunately, while all of Toyota’s products are excellent mechanically, none of them stir my soul in the least. Camry, Corolla: bland as white bread. The Prius is interesting ecologically, but vanilla in terms of style. And so on …

I talked to the sales guy about it, telling him I was interested in something with style and aesthetic appeal, and he said that 80% of the market is conservative … buying 4-door sedans without too much regard for style and look.

Is that true? I sure hope not.

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  • So how come 99% of people admire a beautiful car when they see one?

    Maybe 80% of Toyota buyers are conservative. last time I heard, Toyota had 15% global market share, that means 12% of the world have not much regard for style and look. That sounds reasonable.

    Or even if the 80% number was true about the entire market, that means the remaining 20% would have an easier time standing out for their stylish cars. That alone is good enough reason not to buy yet another Toyota.

  • I think most people in most circumstances (beyond car buying) settle. Settle for what is cheaper, easier, quicker, more attainable, … you name it.

    And then some people just don’t care about aesthetics.