5 Years of WordPress in Pictures

It’s hard to imagine, but WordPress is now over 5 years old.

A French blogger, Ozh, posted images of WordPress’s admin interface on his blog in December. I just saw it now, but wanted to see the images in a single presentation deck so that you can flip through them and see the differences at a glance.

So I grabbed the images, combined them into one PDF, uploaded it to SlideShare, and voila:

5 Years Of WordPress

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: wordpress interface)

5 years – hard to believe. I saw WordPress when it was at the very first version, in 2003, and first used it at the second version in, in 2004.

I had been blogging much earlier, actually, before the word “blog” was invented. As far back as 1999, although I prefer my 2001 version, which was built on a content management system that I cobbled together myself using PHP … using not a single graphic:

But I’m not really a developer, and WordPress has been the best tool for blogging.

Thanks, Matt!


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