5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Continue to Shape Marketing

Just had the opportunity to contribute to a AdWeek post on AI and marketing … here’s the part I was quoted for:

There’s an unfavorable inequity in the marketing-AI economy for brands currently. The money brands spend actually pays for improvements to other companies’ machine intelligence.

As martech analyst John Koetsier puts it, “Google’s getting smarter. Facebook’s getting smarter. But your brand isn’t, even if a few of your campaigns are.”

Increasingly accessible AI in 2019 will make it easier for brands to begin seizing ownership of their own marketing intelligence. AI-powered platforms will emerge that not only drive greater ROI on individual campaigns but increase brand’s marketing intelligence. Indeed, we’re already seeing signs of this trend among certain progressive brands. For instance, video game developer Ubisoft is developing in-house mar-tech stacks to facilitate better user experience and decrease costs. Like me, Koester’s “looking forward to a near future where brands get smarter every day, one customer and one megabyte at a time.”

See the whole post here.