5 Things Twitter Needs Now

I’ve been using Twitter for probably over a year. But I’ve really only being using Twitter for perhaps 3 months.

In that time, there’s a few things that I think would add huge value to Twitter:

  1. Context
    Yeah I know it’s a river. But some rivers have tributaries, channels, and eddies. Some of them are even dammed. And it’d be nice to have some context for your latest tweet: “Need help with my current project.”

  2. Categories
    Look, there are some people we follow because we know them. Some we follow because we think they’re interesting and make us smarter. Some we follow because they’re famous, and everyone else is doing it anyways. And some we follow just because they followed us.

    I’d like to be able to categorize followers – and people I’m following. Better yet, do it for me: geographically, by industry … and let me tag them.

  3. Space for URLs
    Every single web address on every single profile is cut off. When it’s ubiquitous, you know you’re doing something wrong.

  4. Quoted messages for DMs
    I know I already have context down, but it’s a particular problem for direct messaging. When someone says “I have a new red door,” and I DM 2 hours later “Interesting, how big is it?” … how on earth do they know what I’m talking about?

  5. Searchable following/followers
    Right now, I want to send a message to a Twitter feed I’m following for a conference. I know it starts with W … but I don’t remember the exact name. How can I find it today? Only by tediously paging through lists of result pages. And they’re not even alphabetical! So I have to do a search of ALL Twitter users to find the one I want … and it’s only even possible because I happen to know most of the username.

    I think I’d even settle for sortable following/follower lists …

I’m not in the make-Twitter-do-everything camp. It’s simple, and that’s great. But would just a few more features to improve the signal-to-noise ratio be so bad?

BTW, here I am on Twitter. Follow me!