22 essential mobile app marketing strategy trends for 2022

Everything is changing in 2022 if you’re a mobile growth expert. Measurement, targeting, retargeting, platforms, channels, costs … everything is in a pretty significant stage of change.

So what do you do?

Well, I compiled 22 tips for navigating the change in 2022. From my post, here’s just one of them:

3) Strategically layer “brand” and “performance” advertising

App marketers are breaking traditional boundaries in advertising

Stagger, layer, and mix brand-oriented campaigns with performance-oriented campaigns. Introduce yourself and say hello before asking for their number. Buy them a drink before asking for a date.


Interweave multiple ad methodologies in one cohesive campaign that says …

  1.  “Hi” and
  2. “Let’s go out” and
  3. “Here’s why we should” and
  4. “BTW, here’s an incentive” and
  5. “Hi again” and
  6. “How are you today” and
  7. “Wouldn’t this opportunity be awesome”

… in a seamless and slightly repetitive way on multiple channels to enable a surround sound marketing effect that drives more impact than one kind of message, in one way, via one channel, at one time can ever accomplish.

Additional benefit: you look bigger than you are, achieving the “they’re everywhere!” effect for even a relatively small brand.

For all the rest, jump over to my blog post on my client Singular’s website …