1 small thing you can do for Ukraine in 5 minutes with no money

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When massive world events like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine happen we often feel helpless. We can donate, and that’s a good thing, but how can we really impact the course of events as one small individual?

You can tell the truth.

My latest for Forbes is a how-to on helping Ukrainians by piercing the digital iron curtain with simple text messages to everyday Russians. It’s now possible, thanks to a group of Polish hackers who have put together everything you need to make it happen.

From my story:

To the average Russian, Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine might be just a “special military operation” designed to liberate an oppressed Russian minority from evil Ukrainian Nazis. And thanks to Russia’s recently beefed-up censorship, a new law with a 15-year jail term against contradicting official stories about the war, and another new Russian Internet Law designed to help Russia disconnect from the wider global internet, who’s to tell them different?

You are.

Yes, you.

That’s thanks to a new website by Polish programmers that lets you send text messages to random Russians with accurate information about Putin’s war.

Check out the post — and send an SMS or two — right here …