13 jobs that robots, AI, and automation won’t steal (immediately)

This summer, my 17-year-old is leaving home. He’s been accepted into the engineering program at the University of British Columbia, and will study materials science, robotics, drones, and much more.

Which begs the question: what jobs will be available in 10 years?

Self-driving vehicles are coming for the truck drivers and cabbies. Robots are taking over assembly and factory jobs. And AI is gunningfor the white collar jobs we thought were safe. Drones are going to render messengers and snail mail carriers obsolete.

Josh Elman, a venture capitalist at Greylock Partners (think: investors in Facebook, AirBnB, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Pandora, and more), recently published a list of seven jobs he thinks will still be around in the near future. Investors, inventors, and entrepreneurs added moreon Facebook.

Here are 13 areas to study to keep the robots at bay … and continue bringing home the bacon:

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