$1.5B in ad spend shows iOS 14.5 is driving mobile ad spend to Android

Perhaps it’s not shocking. When you make huge changes in an ecosystem, huge changes result. And Apple’s massive privacy move in iOS 14.5 has essentially deprecated the IDFA, or identifier or advertisers.

As a result, so far, ad spend on iOS is down significantly.

From my post:

iOS ad spend is now down 32% from its peak in 2021.

In early February, mobile advertisers that have both an Android and iOS app split their buying almost evenly between Android and iOS. Between February 2 to 7, marketers spent 56.16% of their budgets on Android app install campaigns and 43.84% on iOS.

But last week, from June 14 to June 20, the split was 70.29% to 29.71%.

That’s a massive difference in just four months.

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