Zeroing out the Android advertising ID will impact only 2% of devices globally

Google’s doing privacy! Google’s doing privacy! Well, yes, sort of. But the adtech giant’s recent moves to increase privacy on Android devices by zeroing out the GAID or Android advertising ID will actually only impact a very small number of devices, according to data I recently analyzed.

From my report on Singular’s blog:

You’ve heard that Google’s making a big step towards mobile privacy by zeroing out the GAID, or Android advertising ID, for people who opt out of ad personalization on Android. What you haven’t heard is how utterly minuscule the percentage of people that this impacts actually is.

So we checked.

And based on a recent sample of Singular data consisting of more than 176 million Android smartphones globally, only 2.08% of Android users have tunneled down into Settings -> Privacy -> Advanced -> Ads and actually turned Ads Personalization off. Most countries are in the 1-2% range, but one country is a massive outlier.

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