You love shit on walls, eh?

Finally, some images on this site!

I was out one day just snapping pictures of anything that happened to catch my eye. A guy happened to see me twice – once on his way to the video store and once on his way home. Both times, I was capturing shapes and shadows on cinder-block walls. His comment? “You love shit on walls, eh?”

Well, maybe I do … but these pictures are NOT of stuff on walls. In fact, they’re part of a gallery I call Organic Textures. Check ’em out. Let me know what you think.

Click here to see the Organic textures gallery

Umm … a couple of notes after publishing this.

iPhoto sucks (royally) at exporting to the web. Those thumbnails are 24K each. Worse – much worse – those smallish “full-size images” are around 250K each!

And they’re still much smaller than a big version should be.


Maybe I’ll do it all in Photoshop next time.