WristCam Is A Camera For Your Apple Watch, Built Into The Strap

The first-ever camera for Apple Watch debuted today. It’s called Wristcam, it’s made by a former Apple program manager and a former GoPro engineer, and it offers both an 8-megapixel “world-facing” and a separate 2-megapixel you-facing camera, allow you to take pictures on the run, or have a video chat with a face on your wrist.

(Insert obligatory Dick Tracy reference here.)

“Living with Wristcam feels a bit like having superpowers … the phone isn’t always within reach, and it’s nice to have a camera handy when going out with friends, or going on a run, ride, or hike with just an Apple Watch,” Ari Roisman, CEO and co-founder of Wristcam, said in a statement. “But it’s Wristcam’s live video capabilities that are truly next level and sci-fi worthy.”

The watch is brand new, just announced, and I’m more than a little conflicted by it.

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