Wierd Al shows the music industry the way

Ars Technica branches out from their standard hardware reviews and shows how Weird Al Yankovic finally got his first #1 single: White and Nerdy.

In three words:

  • YouTube
  • MySpace
  • iTunes

Everyone hates it when their sandbox is overturned, but the music industry has to realize the game has changed and the rules are different.

Indeed, it seems as if the Internet’s quick-spreading, viral nature has been almost singlehandedly responsible for Weird Al’s return to the spotlight. Free, non-DRMed downloads and user-uploaded music videos on YouTube are both things that the music industry has fought vigorously, but instead have managed to produce a Top 10 hit for Weird Al. Perhaps Weird Al’s success will prove to be a learning experience for the music industry.

But the business is still there.

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