Who the heck am I

I’ve been (slowly) building this site for maybe a month now. I guess if you’re reading this, introductions are in order.

Here goes …

My name is John Koetsier (you knew that already).

I’m 32 years old, married to Teresa (also Koetsier) and the father (this is the most surprising part of this little dissertation) of three, that’s right THREE kids: Gabrielle, 7, Ethan, 4, and Aidan, who just turned 1.

I work for a company called Premier as Technology Solutions Manager, which means most tech that hits the outside world of clients, I lead the development thereof. This is the second most surprising item, since my B.A. (yes A.) is in English. I had always fancied myself going into journalism, and I started my career as a Staff Writer.

That was cool, and somewhat creative, and I was writing words that millions were reading (although no-one knew I had written them 😉 and I enjoyed it.

However, we do what we can to make a buck, and we do what we enjoy, and 6-7 years ago, I started to really get into technology. I built our second website, our first dynamically-generated-database-driven site, and currently manage the technology solutions department and our operations. (Any comments on this site, of course, are strictly personal.)

Now I’m really focused on online learning sites, calendaring sites, and anything having to do with education and technology … particularly where they intersect with Premier’s business.

I also happen to be (boo, hiss) a Christian – one of those nasty despised intolerant old-fashioned creeps that you hear about on the news. It’s not popular to be a Christian (more particularly in some countries), but that will inform what I say here. If you don’t like it – don’t read it.

So hey – that’s me.

I’ll probably add more detail at some point, and I’d like to put a bit of a portfolio of work together as well, but that’s enough for now.