What not to blog about

I happened to jump by Scoble’s blog, saw a feedmap of bloggers in his area, clicked on one of them, and found this unfortunate article.

Here’s a clue: if you’re unhappy at work and looking for a new job, don’t post about how you’re “letting things slide” at your current job. Even if you’re being laid off. Even if you’re working for Ebeneezer Scrooge, pre meeting-with-the-ghosts.

It’s just not the kind of thing a future boss wants to hear. And guess what: the first thing I do when I get an job application or resume is google the person’s name. If the person has a blog, prospective employers are going to see it.

And they’re not going to enjoy stuff like this:

Since my layoff notice, I have (unsurprisingly) let things slide here at the work I’m still paid for. I didn’t care much before and I don’t care at all now. I’ve been catching up rapidly on my reading of other blogs. I usually have at least one nap each day. I feel no compulsion to watch the clock when I’m out to lunch.* I hear about problems happening and I just pray that they keep the problems at bay until I’m gone. Yes, we’ve been running out of freezer space but don’t get desperate until June. Wait until June when I don’t have to fix your problem.