Welcome to The AI Show

I’m starting a new project with VentureBeat, and it’s a live social show called … you guessed it … The AI Show.

Here’s the very first intro podcast I created as a stub so we can get the podcast published and starting to populate on all the major services:

Artificial intelligence is changing the world.

How we work, how we play, how we get fit, and how we engage with our personal technology at home is invisibly mediated by smart systems. They live on the edge in our phones and our devices, and they live in the aways-connected cloud that powers much of modern technology.

Increasingly that’s the case in business as well.

The smartest companies that learn at the fastest rates have the best chance to serve customer better, cut costs, and beat the competition.

The official announcement on the VentureBeat site is still to come, as are two other components: the LIVE part and the SOCIAL part. We’re working on a few other components before we can make that happen … but look for it soon!