Webinar today: maximizing iOS user acquisition

I’m going to be sharing a ton of stats, trends, and strategy in a webinar today that I’m hosting for my client Singular.

Focus: people are still figuring out iOS and SKAN and conversion models for the new privacy-safe reality in mobile marketing, and we’re going to help them. From the sign-up page:

Do you need to hit aggressive growth goals in 2022? We know iOS user acquisition is evolving rapidly and marketers are trying to keep up.

We are bringing together UA leaders from EA and Neonplay, as well as industry experts from Liftoff, MobileAction, and Singular, to provide actionable insights and jumpstart your 2022 growth.

Guests and panelists include:

  • Antony Willis, Growth Manager @ Neonplay
  • Alexandre Dohrmann, Global Sales Engineering Manager @ Liftoff + Vungle
  • Eran Friedman, CTO & Co-Founder @ Singular
  • Yusuf Barutcu, Director Of Business Development @ MobileAction
  • Eddie Garabedian, Head of Marketing @ EA

Join us by signing up here …