Webinar: Growing games during an era of mobile chaos

I am currently prepping for tomorrow’s webinar with DGN Games, Homa Games, Singular, and IronSource.

Our focus: mobile growth in games … and the timing is good.

We are currently in the most crazy and confusing era of mobile in the last 10 years. I mean that literally. iOS 14.5 has thrown billions of dollars of growth budgets into confusion as user and customer acquisition experts are throwing money into Android and testing new channels in a desperate attempt to continue to grow on mobile.

Tomorrow we’re going to talk about what to do about that … and how to continue to grow.

mobile growth games iOS 14

The participants will include:

  • Julien Bourhis from Homa Games
  • Uriel Shklanovsky at DGN Games
  • Victor Savath from Singular
  • Maytal Shaul at ironSource

I’ll be sharing some data on user acquisition in games, shifts in iOS and Android, and changes in organic vs paid acquisition, and everyone else will be sharing crazy-good insights into mobile growth during insane times.

Join us by signing up right here …