“Web twenny” apps

Somone at Virtual Karma has posted a “complete” list of web 2.0 apps. The community is already adding to it in the comments, of course.

It’s a little amusing that this comes out just a day or so after Jeffrey Zeldman has posted a great article about his annoyance at the whole Web 2.0 meme.

Later I gnawed my knuckles. At some point, in a kind of fever, I may have moaned.

I feel for Jeffrey. I really do. It’s incredibly annoying when people co-opt something that they don’t grok and get orgasmic about it.

But one thing I’d like to say in defense of the web 2.0 moniker: it’s a label. And at the very least, what it does is serve to communicate something in a couple of seconds that otherwise might take you half a paragraph:

You know, the websites that are really quick to respond, and, um, use Ajax, and sort of look cool and encourage people to interact with them and not just read them … and … and …

The problem with labels, of course, is their definition is determined by the crowd using the label. But having one is kind of nice.