Voice-over-IP Spamming Solution: Skype

There’s a long forum over at Broadband Reports about the coming flood of VOIP-based spam, or ‘tele’-marketing. (Perhaps we should call it VOIPing.)

Frankly, this kind of reminds me of the hype-to-heaven then doom-and-gloom cycle that dead tree publications typically follow regarding new technology. And though I’m a fairly new user of Skype, I’m not quite sure VOIPing would work.

After all, I have to personally allow anyone who wants to call me to add me to their buddy list. If I don’t want to see you – and guess what, I probably don’t want to talk to someone I’ve never heard of offline or on – I don’t see you. And you don’t talk to me.

Problem solved, no? Am I missing something here?

This comment on the Slashdot thread seems to agree with me.