Viridians: still kicking

Yesterday I just had one of those prototypical blasts from the past.

It was way back in 1998 that Bruce Sterling, the excellent author, who has been online long enough to have (and keep) a @ well dot com email address, started the Viridian movement.

I followed it for a couple of years, subscribed to the emails, enjoyed them, and then kind of dropped out after a couple of computer changes, email address changes, etc. etc.

But somehow, somewhere, I must have seen something about it or something that twigged my memory … and so yesterday I googled ‘Viridian’. Lo and behold, Bruce and the Viridian movement are still alive and kicking!

If you like green, plants are your friends, and you appreciate great writing, check it out. Here’s a classic example, right from the very first post of the Viridian manifesto:

Maybe our native version of neurasthenia is what Arthur Kroker calls “spasm,” which is that violently oscillating 1990s state when you feel totally hyper and nauseatingly bored. That gnawing sense that we’re on the road to nowhere at a million miles an hour.