Vancouver Enterprise Forum (last night)

VEF was great last night – met lots of interesting people that I hope to be blogging about over the next few days.

Paul Kedrosky was there and gave a typically excellent presentation on “so-called Enterprise 2.0.” Check it out – it’s titled Sheer Hype by Desperate Men. Any presentation with that as a title can’t possibly suck.

I managed to meet up and say hi – Paul’s personable and approachable. Even asked for a business card, which of course, I have no hope he’ll retain among the floods I’m sure he picks up every day.

Other speakers were not quite at that standard, including Anthony Sukow of Terapeak, who completely jumped the couch at the end of his presentation. Perhaps he misunderstood and thought that VEF was a self-help organization, because he droned on for about 5 minutes overtime on following your dreams and doing what you want, regardless of what your VCs say, while the audience was dying in the seats and muffled laughter was heard throughout the theatre.

More later …

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