Updating WordPress

I’m currently updating to WordPress 2.0. Problems may result – crossing my fingers.

. . .
. . .

UPDATE (9:12)

Unbelievable. I just updated from WordPress 1.5 or something like that – updated hundreds of files – and everything just worked. Wow.

I can see one problem right now: my link headers are bigger than they were and seem to be followed by an HTML paragraph tag. But that’s incredibly minor.

I did do a total backup of both my database and directory/file structure, just in case, but I’m very happy not to need them.

All my plugins just work, my (heavily customized) theme still works, my site still works.

I’m ecstatic.

UPDATE (10:31)

That HTML paragraph problem? Fixored! (Wasn’t paragraph tags at all, but h2 text formatting, which naturally is followed by two breaks. Had to dig into wp-includes/links.php. Arrgghhh. Formatting code like h2 tags should not be that far down …)