Unlocking the web to promote your app: webinar with Singular, Google, Riot Games, DraftKings

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I’ll be hosting a webinar with Singular next week Tuesday on web-to-app marketing flows. Those include web-to-app mobile user acquisition, web-to-app purchases, and web-to-app re-engagement flows.

While the most common mobile marketing flow is app-to-app, some major mobile brands get between 30-50% of their mobile users via onboarding flows that involve the web.

web to app webinar

What we’ll talk about:

  • What web-to-app marketing can do (UA, re-engagement, retail sales)
  • How much web-to-app UA happens
  • How it works
  • Where the inventory is, and what channels work best
  • UA strategies for web to mobile
  • What’s different about running UA on web versus running UA on mobile
  • Common pitfalls marketers encounter
  • Organizational challenges you might have when kicking off web to mobile marketing
  • How to measure, manage, and optimize web-to-app mobile marketing
  • How to unify your data across web-to-app and app-to-app for a holistic picture
  • Best tips and practices for marketers starting web-to-app

I hope you can join us!

To attend, register for the webinar here.