Unlocking fun for the next billion gamers via low code development tools

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Google’s not just self-driving cars, AI assistants, internet search, and email. It’s much, much more … including low code in the enterprise. We’re talking healthcare, automotive, and many other verticals.

We dive into the era of low code and what it’s unlocking with Google’s VP/GM and Head of Platform for Google Cloud, Amit Zavery.

Topics include AI, enterprise, consumer, citizen developers, Google Cloud, low code (of course!), no code, and much, much more …

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Highlights of the episode

The mobile gaming vertical isn’t just hot — it’s on fire! Even as downloads go through the roof and new games are flooding the app stores, there is still plenty of opportunities to reach new, underserved audiences. In this episode of Low Code Ninjas, our hosts John Koetsier & Peggy Anne Salz talk to Jason Chapman, Managing Partner, Konvoy Ventures about how low-code can do more than just unlock agility for gaming companies — but also unlock creativity for the gamers themselves.

Jason points to the popularity of games like Roblox built-in low-code environments as proof of the potential for lower intensity game development.

“They currently have 150 million monthly active players and users,” he says. “Seven million of those users are content creators.”

Learn how low-code environments can enable user creativity and lead to games with far more complexity than you might expect.

“You are going to see things like great platform games, or arcade games, or puzzle games being created in a low code environment because it’s a lot of just kind of bricks and blocks and kind of almost like Lego play, right? That’s what Roblox emulates. I think we’re going to see a lot more created and it will get a lot more complex.”