Two cameras I have my eye on

I have a Sony DSC-W1 and have really enjoyed it: it’s incredibly easy-to-use. So now that I’m thinking about expanding, I’m wondering if I’d like to leave the Sony world.

I’d hate to have to know 2 or 3 camera operating systems and modes of operation – which I’d have to do if I bought from a different company.

I’ve got my eye on the DSC-T30 for myself: ultra-portable, but still fairly good quality. I’ve had my eye on the T series for a long time, and would love this camera for an everyday, always on me camera.

And I’m wondering about the DSC-H5 for Teresa, my wife, and our home and family shots. It’s going to be better indoors with less red eye because of the larger flash that’s more separate from the lense, and the 12X optical zoom is very enticing.

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