Tiktok ad revenue jumps 75X from May to November


There are space shuttles and there are rocket ships. And then there’s Tiktok.

Tiktok has grown an amazing 614 million users this year, according to SensorTower. The social network that’s basically a hybrid of Vine and YouTube is now closing in on 1.5 billion users. That’s serious scale — and serious growth. We haven’t seen that kind of growth since perhaps Pokemon Go, which  exploded in 2016 and captured 750 million downloads in a single year.

And some of us never expected to again.

The reality is that when you grow an ad-supported social media platform by more than half a billion users, you’re probably going to grow ad revenues too. In fact, you better … because supporting all those hundreds of millions of new users is going to cost some cash.

Based on data Singular is seeing, Tiktok has done just that.

And is well-positioned to continue grow ad revenues significantly for the foreseeable future.

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