Three amazing developers/managers on the market

This is a shout-out to announce that fact that 3 amazing web/software developers/technology managers that I know really, really well are looking for work.

If you’re looking for developers these guys are great:

Mike Skovgard: LinkedIn, blog
Mike is a commando. Give him a tough development job and he’ll attack it like it’s a Nazi and he’s a WWII stormtrooper. Unbelievably smart, quick, and tenacious.

Bernie VanSpronsen: LinkedIn
Bernie is a concensus-maker. He quickly gets concepts, builds a business case, and figures out a project plan. If there’s a person he can’t get along with, that person is likely pathological.

Carl Forde: LinkedIn, blog
Carl is a thinker and architect. He designs systems, and then he build the bricks of the wall that will form the structure. He’s also working on a PHD in educational technology.

Reason why they’re looking
The company they’re working for – which I used to work for – is centralizing operations at their US location. So the Canadian workers are out of luck.

I feel bad because this is an awful time, economically, to be faced with this situation. But I take comfort in knowing that each of them is super skilled and extremely capable, and good things are in store for those that hire them.

Full disclosure:
I hired Carl and Mike when I was at Premier. And, when I moved on to Director of Home & Family Markets, Bernie took over the Technology Solutions Department from me.